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Did You Choose Your Parents? by Jan Marie and Bob Ritter is an intriguing story that is far from ordinary.

The promise Bob Ritter made BEFORE birth, and how his life has played out, not only has you turning the pages to discover and understand his journey, it has you wondering about your own life  - your decisions, your path, and your own parents.

You will wonder throughout the book whether we are all part of a collective consciousness or whether Bob Ritter is just special and was chosen to live a life on earth to prevent tragedy.

No doubt, this book will lead many readers into contemplative discussions that question human existence.

Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, and Self-Esteem Mentor

It was inspiring to read about a dedicated special agent who never compromised his honor. The author also did a great job depicting the challenges a federal law enforcement career can have on one's family. I recommend this book as required reading for all new federal officers/agents.
-Jon Adler, Past F.L.E.O.A. National President


U.S. Secret Service Headquarters Museum
Washington, D.C.

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